Friday, October 23, 2009


This picture is the projector retrofit in myvi, you can see from the low beam performance good in line cut off and the light shoot level it is about 20 meters and the high beam performance in the picture, the far far away house's wall still can see the light!!! you can imagine the high beam light shoot level. huhu~ The projector is match with 40W hid kits, if the 55W hid kits with the projector can shooting the light more far for sure!!! if u wan to retrofit projector and get the highest performance on the board, please contact us now to get visit or get more details!!! we can show u the performance of the projector before the deal to make sure the picture and the real performance is the same!!! cheers!!!

Now u can make the best decision on the better projector for your reflector car headlamp or projector replacement!!!!

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  1. HILO projector with ccfl & projector foglamp with ccfl.? got those stuffs? i dream so many things about car stuffs LOL~ pls contact me at 014-282-2828 if got pls contact earlier.