Thursday, September 20, 2012


Today i'm going to share about Toyota estima acr50 facelift projector retrofit. Acr50 stock headlamp with D4S xenon projector, car owner want to make it more powerful with bi-xenon function and to fulfill him.
This is the front and rear view of stock D4S xenon projector. The shield is also the bracket between projector and leveling adjuster, i need to use the shield(bracket) to modify and fit in new projector, so i must remove it from the stock projector.
After take out the shield, i just measure the size of the new projector's body and marked on the shield(make sure perfect fitting). 2nd step, use cutter follow the line and trim the unwanted part carefully.
Attach the new projector on the bracket for projector balancing part, make sure the projector is on 90 degree on the shield(bracket), and screw or tie it up. Picture shown pj5 2.6" H1 bi-xenon projector front and rear view.
After that, screw the projector on the adjuster and attach it back to the headlamp base. Put it into oven for few mins, waiting for the sealant melt and join the front cover back on the headlamp base.
Complete work! from outlook cant see any different? But actually performance increase a lot! For Pj5 2.6" H1 bi-xenon projector performance refer to the following picture.

As picture shown, there is light off view, low beam view and high beam view. Light out put for pj5 H1 low beam average light distance coverage around 45 to 50meters(base on car high level)! and high beam over 80meters++.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Recently super duper busy on work since we moving to new workshop. Sorry for no update the blog for so long. By the way today i'm going to show you guys about BMW E38 projector retrofit. =)
This is bmw 7 series(e38) 1997 model, car owner with the same problem with "hid kits with reflector headlamp". As owner mention the light out put is not even, and it's real glare on the road. Of cause to be a friendly road user and get better light out put we suggest projector retrofit.
Left: This is the reflector headlamp before projector retrofit. Right: After fit in H3z 2.6" bi-xenon projector lens with 5000k hid kits.
E38 headlamp is actually very easy to dismantle the front headlamp cover, there is just 6 metal clips around the side of the headlamp. The clips removed, you can take out the cover easily. After dismantle the front cover, remove the reflector bowl from the headlamp base for next step projector fitting.
From the left picture u can see about the hid burn mark on the lens, because this lamp going to fit in projector lens, so i just removed the cover, and we don't need it anymore. We just using the low beam reflector bowl as adjuster, because the low beam reflector function is already replaced by projector.
For low beam reflector bowl i just spray it into matte black, because i'm trying to make the projector more outstanding, secondly reduce any reflective surface around the projector (minimize the unwanted light that may glare to other road user).
After reflector paint job, i just measure the reflector space and match a suitable projector for it. For this light i'm using 2.6" pj3 bi-xenon projector, you guys can see the projector is much outstanding because of the matte black background color.
Screw the reflector back on the headlamp base after projector adjustment and fitting. just close it back easily with 6 metal clips. Gosh, it is just big different compare to stock headlamp isn't it? with a good looking, some of you may ask me how about the light out put? is it for practical use or just for good looking? yes ofcos! it's performance kits, I'm using taiwan 2011 year pj3 H3Z projector headlamp for the retrofit work. Last picture at the bottom you guys can see the projector's performance in basement parking.
COMPLETE WORK on car! Pj3 projector is not only increase the light out put, and also increase much on outlook. do you agree? =)
-PJ3 2.6" bi-xenon projector -5000k 40w hid kits
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