Saturday, December 10, 2011


Today i'm going to compare the projector for CHINA G5, E46-R, FX-R, PJ3(H3C) & PJ3(D2S/H7). Those projector lens is most command in malaysia market, this comparison i'm going to show the brightness test and light beam pattern. About the brightness test i'm using headlight aiming machine, it's 100% correct and no mistake, i also sharing about the minimum and maximum of light brightness in number of lumens.

I'm using taiwan made 40wattage hid ballast for all projector in fair comparison.

This is CHINA G5 projector lens that took out from 1 of my client car, and he no need the projector anymore, that's why for me to keep as sample. From the picture is about the projector performance, but the light beam pattern is for LHD(left hand drive) and center part with a empty light spot. The lighting is more average at the bottom and the side part, The "Z" center point with the empty light spot, thats why the light out put is dimmer on the road. The light aiming machine is test for the center point of "Z". From the light beam picture of G5, the number is actually expected.

This is the E46-R projector, which is 07/08 productions. This is a LHD & RHD use projector, compare to the china G5 projector, the center part is obviously increase. This is taiwan 07/08 productions compare to china G5 2010 productions. The min 41300cd to maximum 42300cd is for hid with projector is standard, but for E46-R light cut off can be improve.

This is FX-R projector, which is the replica version from infiniti fx-35, this items is quite command in US. It's provide in LHD and RHD too, the light cut-off line is pretty clean, the lumen is slightly higher than E46-R which is minimum 45400cd and maximum 46200cd(fx-r).

This is taiwan 2010/2011 productions which is call PJ3, this projector is special design for H4 and H7 headlamp without modify on the reflector bowl. I was shock when i get the projector in light aiming machine, the light brightness almost increase 70% ++ compare with taiwan 07/08 productions! The light cut-off performance pretty good with a deep purple line.

This is the taiwan productions for 2011, this is d2s and h7,the light cut-off mentioned the same shape, but improve for the reflector bowl, we can see from the number of light aiming machine is almost 10000cd. Finalize for this new generation taiwan projector light brightness compare to 2007 productions is almost 1 times increase by the same ballast performs.


  1. There are several color options which are determined by the temperature at which the xenon gas inside the led industrial lighting burns. The temperature is denoted by a K on the bulb which stands for Kelvin as the unit of measurement.

  2. Hello Zedon

    Which do you think is the best from the comparison?

    Hi Desmond,

    Do you have measurement in lumens at the brightest spot and the further distance at 1 lumen?


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    Do you have projectors for Volvo S40 year 2000 model?